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You Are Loved Without Strings and Never Alone

The second truth we share each week is "I am loved without strings and never alone"

We want everyone to know that they are loved simply because they exist. They don't have to achieve a certain goal or act a certain way to be loved.

God loves us unconditionally and we should work to love our loved ones in the same way.

We are never alone.

While we can all think of a time we felt overwhelmingly lonely, if we look back, we can also see we were never alone. There's always people that cares for us and want to support us. We always have God walking with us and will never leave us alone. Joshua 1:9 is a verse we can point to to remember God is with us.

Go through this week reciting Truth #2 to yourself. Write it down where you'll see it , share it with someone else and never forget you are LOVED WITHOUT STRINGS AND NEVER ALONE

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