Spiritual Growth

Wednesdays and Sundays we are intentional about focusing on
God and offering opportunities to grow in our faith.  

However, what happens when you go home?  
God wants a daily relationship with us. 
Below are some resources to help you grow in your faith, in your own time.

Daily Devotions

Here are a few great options for
Daily Devos: 

1. Bible App Reading Plans
    Go through the options to pick out a title, theme or Scripture that interests you. If you add it to your phone, it will send you daily reminders. You can go through the devo alone or invite friends! 

2. Daily Devos by Youth, for Youth!

Refreshed every day, this site has lots of daily readings and challenging devotions. 






Figuring out how to pray can be tough! Here are a few ways to get started.

1. Start writing!  Start with a blank piece of paper and write a letter to God.  

2. Be Still...

Go somewhere away from distractions, set a timer for 5-10mins.

Sit still and focus on your breathing, the smallest movements.  When you get distracted, repeat Psalm 46:10 "Be Still and Know I am God" to bring yourself back.  


Music can be a powerful tool in connecting with God. 
Below are a few playlists to help you focus on God's presence.