Trips 2023

High School/
Young Adults

July 22- 29th High School and Young Adults will serve on their mission trip.  

Where will we go? 
We need your help in answering that question!

We have two options. 

1. Knoxville TN  

We would drive to this location.  Because it's a 10 hour drive, we would leave a day early and possibly return a day later.  This will be decided when our adults are signed up. The dates for this trip will most likely be July 22nd - 30th. 

2. Boston Mass. 

We would drive to Boston. It's a short 5 hour drive, so we would attend church in the morning and then head out.  The dates for this trip will be July 23-July 29th. 

Both locations will be with Next Step Ministries. 

We invite you to check out the links, look at the work and the communities and share your thoughts! 

Voting will close October 5th.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to Denise.  

Middle School: MyCalling!

July 9-13th Youth going into 6th-10th grade are participating in MyCalling! 

MyCalling! is a service experience that will be based out of Yardley UMC.  We will sleep, eat, worship and play at the church.  During the day we will head out to various work projects in the community.  


Youth will work at food banks, work on a horse farm and more! We are excited for the opportunity for our students to find the best way they can serve others! 

Mission Trip 2023 Vote

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