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Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness Challenge 

We are running a mental health challenge February 15- March 2.  Sign up to receive materials. 

Check out the information below and click on the Register button to ask questions. 


Why is this worth my time? 

Taking care of our mental health is not something that comes natural to us. It comes with
work and daily practice.  If you participate in this challenge, you are giving yourself tools to
help you take care of yourself not only this month, but for your lifetime.  

Why would Youth/Young Adult Group focus on mental health? 
We believe God created our complex bodies.  And when we are healthy, we can grow in our
faith and care for others. 

In 1 Kings 19, Elijah was running for his life.  He wanted to die.  He asked God to end his life. 
Then, he fell asleep.  During the hours that followed, God didn't tell Elijah to get up and get
to work.  God gave Elijah food, drink and rest.  God prioritized Elijah's physical needs and
mental health before sending him to continue the journey.  


When we are healthy, we can best live into the call God has for us.  

Step Up to the Challenge

  • Complete and log 14 mental health tasks in 16 days

  • Log each day on back of the card mailed to you.

  • At the end of 16 days, take a picture of the card and send it to 


Participate in the Challenge, Get Rewards:

Complete                        Earn
4 days                             2 stickers
8 days                             3 stickers and $5 gift card 
10 days                           5 stickers and a $10 gift card
14 days                           5 stickers, $10 gift card, choice of
                                           shirts from

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