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Yardley UMC Becomes a Treehouse Location!

After months of work and prayers, I am so excited to share that we will soon be an official Treehouse location!

Treehouse is a ministry that focuses on helping teens find their value and hope. Their mission: To end hopelessness in teenagers. The way they do that is through several grace based ministries we will be leading at Yardley UMC!

Our first focus will be Support Groups. This structure will follow a similar pattern to our Wednesday evenings in the past. We will have games, dinner, a discussion based lesson, then support groups. We will split into small groups led by trained adults. During support groups, teens will check in with their group by sharing their name, rating how their week is going and naming 3 feeling words they are experiencing. They are given time to share. When teens are not sharing, they are practicing active listening and empathy. This creates a safe space where teens feel safe sharing and receiving support from peers and adult leaders.

There are 3 truths we will repeat each week. Our prayer is that teens begin to believe these truths and fully live into the person God created them to be.

Each week we will remind teens they are:

  • Loved, Capable & Worthwhile

  • Loved without strings and never alone

  • They have a future

As we grow in support and leadership, we will add mentorship and coaching programs for teens.

I am so excited about this opportunity! This shift in our youth ministry is something we have been searching and praying for.

Our teens today are surrounded by signs of hopelessness, anxiety and fear. Treehouse exists to offer hope, love and acceptance.

If this sounds like something you would like to hear more about, please reach out to Denise today! I would love to tell you more about Treehouse and YUMC Youth & Young Adult Ministries! If you are interested in getting involved, we welcome you! We currently have opportunities for adults to serve as detail people (Set up, serve pizza, clean up, etc) and as small group leaders.

I invite you to think and pray about where God may be leading you to join this ministry!

Let's talk! Email or call the office 215-493-3345 ext 202

I can't wait to talk to you about this new ministry!

Check out Treehouse website

Love in Christ, Denise

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